Ed Fitts
Deb Whitman


Philippe Melka

Reed Skupny
Assistant Winemaker

Josh Clark
Vineyard Management

Kelli Willard
General Manager

Melinda Kearney
Sales & Marketing


Ed Fitts, Proprietor & Deb Whitman, Partner
“We have always believed in building the strongest business and personal relationships possible, selecting the right model and choosing the best people. We were drawn to this spectacular location above the cloud line because of the view of the distant valley and Lake Hennessey, but what we found up close was the proven soil of our neighbors and upon deeper inspection, we discovered that this land was ripe with promise. We were compelled to develop the potential of this property and guided by the expertise of our team we feel that we have begun the journey of a lifetime. Our vision is to build BRAND to a highly recognized name that represents the best red wine Pritchard Hill has to offer. Our personal goal is to help promote Pritchard Hill as the most respected wine producing area in the valley.”
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Philippe Melka—Winemaker
“Over the last 18 years I have been involved in very few projects where I’ve felt from the start that there was something special, like BRAND. It could be because of the chemistry of the team, the amazing site or something else. What I do know is from Ed the owner, Josh the vineyard manager, Juancarlos the architect, Kelly the project manager, Melinda the marketing and sales or Kelli the GM, they all are dedicated to work really hard for excellence. So, with my general philosophy of letting the grapes shine throughout our wines, plus having integrity, respect, friendship, gentle winemaking using gravity and lots of fun, I certainly believe that we should reach our goals”
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Reed Skupny—Assistant Winemaker
“I am devoted to BRAND because of the realistic approach that the team has towards wanting to make the most incredible Pritchard Hill wine possible. It is a patient and confident process backed by decades and decades of on the ground cellar experience. Imagine a group of intelligent, dynamic people, doing what they enjoy and taking pride in it year after year. I want to be on that team.”
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Josh Clark—Vineyard Management
“It took a trip to Europe where I toured the classic wine growing regions and learned about the “old world” wines of Italy, France and Spain that really made me appreciate wine as a food and as a common thread that binds so many of us together around the world. I was inspired to return to the Napa Valley in 1999 to do something special on this global stage of wine making. The site on which BRAND’s vineyards and winery are located has directed the project from the beginning. It demands a high level of presence and commitment. Ed’s singular vision for excellence has guided each decision along the way.”
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Kelli Willard—General Manager
“It is incredible to make a contribution to BRAND’s legacy from the ground floor. It is an exciting time of discovery and growth on Pritchard Hill and a great opportunity to work with Philippe and Mindy, both of whom I admire. I have significant respect for Ed’s vision for this land, his dedication to creating outstanding wine, and commitment to building a winegrowing estate worthy of this highly esteemed neighborhood.”
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Melinda Kearney—Marketing
“BRAND is a once in a lifetime union of myriad elements. It is an elevated expression of the finer points of farming, winemaking, design, intention and importantly community, both internal and external. And then there is the wine… “
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