From its stunning 110-acre property on Pritchard Hill overlooking Oakville, Brand Napa Valley has cultivated three distinct estate vineyards which range from 1200-1400 feet in elevation. The low yielding vines are farmed to accentuate the power and beauty of this unique hillside property, with a total of 17 individual vineyard blocks curated to 13 different rootstock and clonal combinations of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. These 12 planted acres are CCOF certified organic and thoughtfully farmed using biodynamic practices because BRAND proprietors Jim Bean and Christine O’Sullivan believe that what is below the ground should be as full of life as what grows above.

vineyard N°95

Located adjacent to the winery, Vineyard N°95 includes some of the oldest plantings on the property. The soil is predominantly the Hambright Series underlaid by hard slightly fractured andesite rock with areas of shallow volcanic ash. The insectary of flowers planted to attract beneficial insects and a diverse cover crop that includes six types of clover, radish, and short fescue underscore our commitment to sustainability on the estate. At an elevation of 1200 feet above sea level, these vineyard blocks produce vibrant and energetic Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

vineyard N°92

The finest Cabernet Franc we grow is from Vineyard N°92, a site above the winery at 1300 feet. Growing on the dark red Aiken soils, these vineyard blocks overlook Lake Hennessey and are sheltered in a shallow bowl that is ringed by trees. Cooling breezes from both the coast and lake moderate the daytime temperatures creating ideal growing conditions for the Cabernet Franc that is featured in the Brand Napa Valley Proprietary Blend. Meticulously farmed, these vines ripen fruit at a measured pace resulting in perfumed and delicious wines.

vineyard N°90

This site is breathtaking beautiful with sweeping views from San Francisco Bay to Mount St. Helena. Our uppermost vineyard at 1400 feet elevation grows on the exceptionally rocky Sobrante soils. Here, vines struggle for scant resources under challenging growing conditions. The low yielding vineyard produces loose clusters of fruit with small berries, and the eastern sun exposure is ideal for ripening fruit. Farmed with great attention to detail, these blocks produce our most aromatic and intense Cabernet Sauvignon.


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